Author Topic: 13 Discoveries on Facebook everyone should know  (Read 87 times)

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13 Discoveries on Facebook everyone should know
« on: September 15, 2018, 11:36:25 AM »
13 Discoveries on Facebook everyone should know

1. Posts with links don't go far on Facebook.

2. Photos with write-ups don't go far.

3. When you share a post on Facebook, it does not go far.

4. Trying to review 3 Pages within 10 minutes will give you a ban.

5. Posting same content in several groups without giving at least 3 minutes break might lead to a temporary ban.

6. Sharing same content from a group or page to other groups simultaneously might lead to a ban.

7. Facebook has a record of all posts you have liked and the total number of posts you have liked on the platform.

8. The more posts you like, comment and share on Facebook; the more active you become and the more people get to see your works anytime you make a post.

9. If you're not active in a group, people don't take your works seriously.

10. There are specific days of the week and time of the day that posts get to a larger audience. If you have a page, you would have noticed.

11. Facebook have monitoring spirits more than active friends/followers. If you have a page, at times you might see 11,274 people reached your post with 8 likes and no comment. You will now ask yourself what happened to the rest 11,266 people without a single reaction?

12. Nonsense usually have more reactions than a whole lot of sense.

13. Comedy have a way of attracting more traffic.

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