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Simtech new Invention: Turbines & Solar Panels Ampere
« on: November 25, 2017, 09:51:49 PM »
Simtech new Invention

👉 Conventional Wind Turbines & Solar Panels Ampere or Current Doubler / Charge Controller

✅ 12 Special Features:👇

Charges batteries with just daylight unlike the conventional types even without sun as usually required.

 Charges batteries already connected in series differently at a time without short circuiting.

 Delivers constant current & constant voltage to ensure fast changing.

 With inbuilt splitting technology to compensate all connected batteries accurately without under or over charging.

 Charges all batteries in a bank equally through its inbuilt (PWM) charge controller.

 Doubles any wind turbine or solar panel rated current 2 - 3 times higher, unlike the conventional charge controllers.

Keeps all power inverters running 24/7 - 100% off-grid with continuous operation, non-stop if energy is well conserved.

 For instance, in a situation where 10 panels are needed for a particular required current, 5 panels can be used to achieve it - 100% assured.

 Inverters can now be operated 24/7 even during the day & at the same time still charging effectively.

Inverters can also be operated battery-less during the day after full charge - with light load if you choose to disconnect batteries - to ensure longer lifespan.

Charges multiple batteries from 12 - 380V bank at the same time with a single solar source of 18 - 120V / 5 - 50A & above as input.

Capable of withstanding short circuiting, durable & very much reliable than the conventional charge controllers.

The impossibility of this innovation over the years by so many field Electrical / Electronic Engineers, Lecturers, Technicians, Instructors, Innovators & Inventors is now possible through my rigorous / extensive (practical & theoretical) research & experiment since 2 years+ ago before my arrival now...☺

✅ Can be customize to suit (or per) your requirements.

✅ Tested & confirmed 100% superlative performance okay..!

👉 The first of its kind, uniquely designed & invented for tropical & non - tropical solar / wind technologies by Inventor Simeon, a.k.a. Simtech.

Test & see the reality for yourself...😁👍
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