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News / Re: Some UPDATES on in the month of JULY 2018
« Last post by SIR A-ONE on Today at 04:55:24 PM »
Photo upload turns a suicide attempt

Adorable photo of Davido's daughter Imade Adeleke rocking Gucci shirt and Balenciaga Sneakers

The Raise Fund Meeting At Abuja Before The Ekiti State Governorship Election
Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach – Donald Trump
After a well coordinated communication and distribution of Competition materials, over 250 schools were in touch but approximately 230 meet up to the criteria for participation in the Dr. OVIE Ughwanogho Urhobo challenge quiz Competition, 2018 edition.

UGHELLI North LGA... 59 Schools.

Marvel Intl sch, Ughelli
Climax sec sch, Ughelli
Heroes of faith sch, Ughelli
Kogbodi sec sch, Ughelli
High standard comp. Sch, Ughelli
Lulu schools, Ughelli
Zion City Foundation Sch, Ughelli
Anointing Intl sch, Ughelli
Zenith Intl school Ughelli
Sonnicity Universal sch, Ughelli
Gloryland College, Ughelli
Petra Christian Academy, Ughelli
Esejuvwevwo Secondary sch,Inene
Ekuigbo Gram. Sch, Ekiugbo
Ughelli mixed sec sch,Ughelli
I.C.E Ughelli
Oharisi Secondary School, Ughelli
Anglican Girls Grammar sch. Ughelli
Bishop Agorivwe Memorial Anglican Boys Gram. Sch
Afiesere Sec sch.Afiesere
Orem Group of sch, Afiesere
Otovwodo Gram. Sch
Government College, Ughelli
Ufuoma Sec. Sch, Ufuoma
Odovie sec sch, odovie ugh
Demonstration sec sch Agbarha-otor
Efe Model sec sch Orogun
Oteri sec sch, oteri
Destiny Group of sch, oteri
Edojah Memorial Gram. Sch Orogun
Orogun Gram. Sch Orogun
Omo sec sch ovara- Orogun
Orhoerha sec sch ugono-orogun
Ekruopia Sec sch Obodeti- Orogun
Obavina Children sec. Sch
Ebor sec. Sch Ebor- Orogun
Unity School, Agbarho
Okene Mixed Sec. Sch
Agbarho Gram. Sch, Agbarho
Adagwe Gram. Sch Eruemukohwarien
Agadama Gram. Sch
Edjekota sec sch
Fountain Of wisdom school, Agbara-otor
Obukohwo sec sch,Ughelli
Onoriede sec sch, Ughelli
Transcorp Staff sch, Ekakpamre
Ekakpamre S/S
Kes College, Ughelli
Atmosphere Sec sch, Ughelli
Betisam sec sch, Ughelli
Abe 1 sec. Sch
Bavoke sec sch
Madegbe sec sch
Johnkelly sec sch
Girls model Evwereni
Eni Gram. Sch
Igor tech. College
Ibru college
Aragba sec sch.

UGHELLI SOUTH... 24 Schools

Okpare Gram. Sch, okpare-olomu
Otu-jeremi sec sch
New Dawn College,Imode
Oginibo Governmentodel sec sch
Oginibo sec sch
Okwagbe sec sch, okwagbe
Oghior sec sch, oghior
Umolo sec sch, Umolo-orogun
Ovwdokporkpo sec sch, Ovwodokporkpo
Oviri-olomu sec sch
Bright future Academy, Ovwor-olomu
Effurun-otor sec sch Effurun -otor
Akperhe Sec sch, Akperhe-olomu
Otorere Olomu sec sch, Otorere-olomu
St Vincent College, Okwagbe
Ovwor Mixed sec sch Ovwor-olomu
Ewu Gram sch
School of Commerce and Tech. Edu. Ewu-Urhobo
Doris Better Sec sch Ewu
David Standard sch, Ewu
Okparebe Gram. Sch
Effurun-Otor sec sch
Okuama Sec sch
Iwhrekan Tech. College.

UDU L.G.A.... 19 Schools.

Challenge Academy, DSC
Technical High Sch, DSC
Owhe/Emevor Group Of School,DSC
Orhuwhorun Sec sch
Ekete sec sch Ekete water side
Grace Group Of sch
Ovwian sec sch
Ujevwu sec sch
otor -udu sec sch
Aladja secondary sch
Owhorode Sec sch
Egini Grammar sch
Owhorode sec sch
Orhuwhorun high sec
Kris Neighbourhood sch
De-bride model sch
Love sec sch
Classical Intl sch
Okpaka sec sch.

ETHIOPE EAST L.G.A...... 27 Schools.

Agbon sec sch, isiokolo
Orhoakpor sec sch, orhoakpor
Agbon college, okpara inland
Okurekpo Gram. Sch
Igun Gram sch
Eku Girls secondary sch
Covenant sec sch
Rukis Intl sch
Eku staff sch
Patmon sec sch
Okpara Boys Sec. Sch
Ovu Grammar sch
Oviorhie sec sch, Oviorhie
Umwighwa sec sch orai-Abraka
Delsu sec sch Abraka
Erhimu sec sch, Abraka
Egbo sec sch
ojeta sec sch, Abraka
Aunty Rose sec sch Abraka
Otorho sec sch, Abraka
Standard Acedemy, Abraka
Pecus sec sch Abraka
Kokori mixed sec sch
Kokori Girls sec sch
Erho sec sch Erho-Abraka
Abraka Gram. Sch
Urhuoka sec sch Abraka.

ETHIOPE West LGA..... 26 Schools.

Government Secondary School Mosogar.
Uduaka Secondary sch, mosogar
Fortune Academy, Mosogar.
ICE Jesse
Irhodo S/S Irhodo Jesse.
Okunigho S/S Okunigho-jesse
Ighoyota Secondary sch Ugbokpa-Mosogar
Sibel Intl sch, Jesse
Idjerhe Grammar Sch, Jesse
Jesse S/S Jesse
Ugbevwe S/S ugbevwe- Jesse
Udurhie sec sch Mosogar
I.C.E Mosogar
Mosogar sec sch, mosogar
Oreki sec sch, oghareki
I.C.E Oghara
Ogharefe sec sch
Orefe sec. Sch Oghara
Oghini Grammar. Sch, Ogharefe
Poetry & Spoken Words / Re: Goodnight My Beloved Grandma
« Last post by PMCBOT on Today at 08:24:11 AM »
Sleep well, Ma.

Blogging is a long term venture. That's why you hardly see wealthy bloggers around.
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News / Re: Introduction of PENGICIAN MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD
« Last post by SIR A-ONE on Today at 05:58:52 AM »
[Pengician Man of the Year Award] Calls for Nomination!

[pengician Man Of The Year Award] Calls For Nomination!
Webmasters / Re: Some updates [09.2017]
« Last post by SIR A-ONE on Today at 05:57:05 AM »
[pengician Man Of The Year Award] Calls For Nomination!

[Pengician Man of the Year Award] Calls for Nomination!
News / Re: Some UPDATES on in the month of JULY 2018
« Last post by SIR A-ONE on Today at 05:54:20 AM »
2019: Wike Advocates Consensus Northern PDP Presidential Candidate
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