Author Topic: Arhiyor: A Symbol of Sustained Peace in Uvwie  (Read 308 times)

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Arhiyor: A Symbol of Sustained Peace in Uvwie
« on: February 18, 2018, 03:43:54 PM »
Arhiyor: A Symbol of Sustained Peace in Uvwie

By Olorogun Toni Ofoni

Olorogun Francis Omochovwen Arhiyor's entrance into the race to represent the good people of Uvwie at the Delta State House of Assembly in Asaba was greeted with excitement and optimism for a better and peaceful Uvwie. It has sent fear and shivers in the camps of the oppositions and other pretending aspirants in the party.

The reasons are not far fetched. Olorogun Arhiyor represents peace and development. He is the suitable man for the position, a patriotic Deltan working tirelessly to sustain the current prevailing peace in Uvwie. With Olorogun Arhiyor in the race, co-contestants are advised to save their money and energy.

Many can testify today that Uvwie the people can open their doors open and sleep eyes closed without fear of being harassed. All to his selfless and total commitment in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Olorogun Arhiyor is a team player and he works behind the scene unannounced on various issues of the welfare and development of the Uvwie people.

Olorogun Arhiyor knows the yearnings of the Uvwie people especially the youths and old. He is genuinely committed and ready to  represent the people adequately in 2019. Today, it's no exaggeration that Olorogun Arhiyor has over 70% of the youths as his loyalists and followers.

If given the Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP) ticket, the electorates will willingly give their votes to the peoples general by rescuing power from the opposition.
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