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(30) Fascinating Facts about Jodekss Gloatkenf
« on: July 07, 2017, 08:21:29 AM »
(30) Fascinating Facts about Jodekss Gloatkenf

We all have various fascinating facts about us as individuals in the journey of Life.
Hear the prolific word weaver himself.

These are precise necessary items of information about me, Jodekss Gloatkenf.
One (1)
Jodekss Gloatkenf is not my birth name, it is my pen-name. In fact, parents call me Emmanuel. Each of my sobriquet is made up of bunches of acronyms from other birth names, belonging to me and belonging to family members.
I was born artistically or with creativity, Glory! I mean, I started actually, as some petty artist way back when I was in JSS. Then I felt to have another name apart from my birth name to write on my paintings after I am done doing them. So, I came up with JODEKSS in 2004 and GLOATKENF in 2007.
Officially, I am Emmanuel Kayode.
I was born in Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria over 2 decades ago.
I had my primary school, secondary school and currently having my varsity education in Osun state.
Primary, in Ile-Ife; Secondary, in the state
He loves reading and surfing the internet.


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