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Webmasters / How to know if an Account has been Deactivated on Facebook
« on: December 10, 2018, 02:26:25 PM »
How to know if an Account has been Deactivated on Facebook

Unfriend those whose Facebook Account has been deactivated on your LIST & save yourself the stress of keeping inactive friends on your List.
Login Facebook with an Opera Mini. Go to your FRIENDS. Click. Keep scrolling slow and steady. When you see an Account with no Profile picture, click on it. If the account is deactivated, you would see
"This account has been deactivated. Only you can see ... on your friends list. You have the option to unfriend ..."
Click Unfriend. And that person would be out of your Friend List as a Ghost occupying space.

Poetry & Spoken Words / I love you most by Stanley Obum Ezechukwu
« on: December 07, 2018, 07:26:45 AM »
I LOVE YOU MOST by Stanley Obum Ezechukwu

I love you 
I love you more than power
I love you more than money 
I love you more than diamonds
I love you most

In you I see my strength than power
In you I see my worth than money
In you I see my beauty than diamonds
I love you most

I love you
I love you more than being a king
I love you more than being  rich
I love you more than being a beach
I love you most
With you, I shall rule than a king
With you, am richer than the rich
With you, I sparkle than a beach
I love you most

I love you
I love you more than a general
I love you more than a billionaire 
I love you more than an emerald 
I love you most
Together we conquer the general
Together we pauperise the billionaire 
Together we tarnish the emerald
I love you most 

Art thou seek for power?
Art thou seek for money?
Art thou seek for beauty?
Ohh, seek none at all,
For love has it all.
It’s all about love. (it’s all about love)
I love you most

By Stanley Obum Ezechukwu 
Mr Scribe

Profiles / SIR A-ONE: My 9 Years On Facebook With Testimonials
« on: November 26, 2018, 06:56:27 PM »
SIR A-ONE: My 9 Years On Facebook With Testimonials

At age 23, I joined Facebook November 26, 2009 just after my birthday (November 22). I joined with my Passport whose Afro then was something else. I was using a good phone then. Then on Facebook there was no REPLY button. If people did COMMENT it's like a Thread. Responding was by either copying out their names on paper or just giving a random response to them.

Facebook was fun. It's still fun till date. Since 2009 till date I have groomed over 33 Groups with massive membership. Some were sold out when they became very active to keep the body, soul, spirit, pocket, wallet, bank accounts running.
Since that day I opened my Facebook account I have been managing people's websites for them. Keeping the sites running daily as a Blogger is just fun to do with passion and creativity running in the vein.

I derive joy when I sit down to think in order to keep People entertained.

From 2009 till date, Facebook have removed over 25 of my posts.

In these 9 years, I have gotten over 15 ban on Facebook ranging from Ban from posting to Groups, Ban from Posting on my Wall, Ban from Liking, Ban from Reviewing Pages, Ban from Inviting People to join Groups etc. In all of these, I have learnt how to use the platform. I have learnt a lot of things on the platform. I have met the good, the bad and the ugly. I have met over 50 of my Facebook Friends in Real Life.

I have come to known those who post to impress readers. I have come to known true creative gurus on the blogosphere.

I have established contacts and connections with people from almost 4 continents.

The joy of wishing people who celebrate daily is my number one joy on Facebook.

My second joy is when I see my creativity on the platform to amuse and entertain people.

I get sad when I see numbskulls pretending to be smart people by stealing posts without acknowledgements. Plagiarism is what piss me off the most on Facebook. So sad many people don't even give a damn when you call out criminals/plagiarists. I get cold when I see writers stealing and posting people's works on the platform.

I wink whenever I see guys comment all sort of LIES on some Females pictures because they want to eat their *Punas. What a sorry state of the mind?

When I hit the 5,000 friends years ago, I noticed that whenever I go very hard on my wall or via comments on religionists, atheists, ATRs, feminists, plagiarists etc. I will noticed the impact within 24 hours whenever I see a request instead of the follow button notice. I can never please everyone all the time. At times I please my Muse and displease members of the  audience with no remorse.

I'm very active on the Timeline of those who are active on my wall. No hard feelings to those Goofbrities claiming to be Celebrities on this Platform.

I respect the old and young here. But, when you step on my toes it can be very fatal online; depending on the mood of my Muse.

I don't like using the BLOCK button. I prefer to MUTE those who have overstep their bounds. I don't know who I would lift tomorrow as well as who would lift me in future.

I'm a content creator, humorist, freelancer, promoter (videos/audios), blogger & literatus.

I don't usually like to engage in silly arguments. I have better things to do with my Time and Life.

I don't chat Ladies up. I don't want people to use screenshots against Me in future. I'm just taking precaution so that my Future Wife and Children can be proud of Me.

My only regret on the Platform was the few times I was paid to insult some persons.

I do legitimate business and don't involved myself in any kind of scam. I may be making little cash from what I do online and offline, but I'm content with what I'm doing with joy.

I don't bring very personal issues online. When I lost my father, grandma, Head Christian and other personalities very dear to me I never bothered to bring them on social media. I have my reasons. But, when it comes to being funny, stupid, creative etc. my muse can be crazy at times, but I control it 100%.

I want to thank all my friends who have stood by me for these 9 years of creativity on Facebook. I'm most grateful. And for those who would be my friends soon, I greet you warmly.


Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare also known as SIR A-ONE is a full-time blogger & literatus.

Comedy/Funny Post/Joke / Top 34 Hilarious Lines, Memes of SIR A-ONE
« on: November 21, 2018, 07:12:00 AM »
Top 34 Hilarious Lines, Memes of SIR A-ONE
Below is a collection of 34 memes, hilarious lines, quotes, wisdom, as well as stupidities of the Pope of Memes, SIR A-ONE.
1. The way some of my Friends are going, they might look for connectivity to download & watch BLUE MOVIES when they get to Heaven.😀
2. STUPID POST Alert: Will I still DO THAT THING when I get to Heaven?
3. FACT: More than 99.9 percent of all animal species that have ever lived on Earth were extinct before the coming of man.
ME: Science can LIE for Africa!
4. I want to SHAKE a Table, but an Uncle & 57 friends of mine are on the table. I don't want to die young.
5. Best time to BREAK a Teacher's Heart is during MID-TERM BREAK.
6. Old Ladies tend to hide their Panties, but when some Young Ladies wash their undies, they sample them for the world to see.🤐
7. You work in DSTV office & You got no TV set at home. Life is never fair.😆
8. If Owerri network couldn't kill Me
Nothing will take my Life again. Back to PortHarcourt City.
9. You don't have my TIME. Says a Lady who don't have a wrist watch & a wall clock & whose Phone time is not up to date.
10. I LOVE You the way the IGBOS love the Catholic Church.
11. The only thing You do is ride Tricycle (Keke), You have 3 wives & 7 Children. You still talk about bad government. Control your D & Destiny.
12. Boy: Uncle, I want to buy phone.
Uncle: How much is it?
Boy: N125,000.
Uncle: How much do You have at hand?
Boy: N2,000.
Uncle: Use that one to buy airtime first. Next year, we shall talk about the Phone; by then Buhari would have gone back to his Village.😜
13. Some Persons are just something else in Life. They would take a humorous post out of Context.
14. A Philosopher once said 'If your Brain is working fine You cannot support Buhari'.
15. Saw 27 today Looking like 70. What a Country?
16. You're in APC & You're using Umbrella. Ungrateful icon like you.
17. When there is no regret, don't call him/her your EX; My Friend is better.
18. You use autoLIKE to get 2,852 Likes & no Comment. Who is paying you for the likes?
19. From the Gate to the School (UNIPORT) is 3 minutes trekking. Those People that will leave Taxi and stand for like an hour waiting for Private Cars to take them to the School for free, WHAT's actually your Problem in the Journey of Life?
20. I will put only the HEAD! Lie of the Century.🤣 He would ejaculate inside or withdraw. Be careful😎
21. One BROS here is now forming Celebrity. You're just a GOOFBRITY. After over 127 tags on me since 2009. Now he is telling people tagging him to stop. Brethren TAG him in all your posts. He is an ungrateful specimen in the laboratory of Life.
22. BLOCK button is not as powerful as I thought. He still sends POST(s) on a Group I admin.
23. Please, Nobody should insult me. The way we watch foreign po*n, is that how the Western World watch Black po*n too?
24. Building Love is not just about Sexual Intercourse in a Relationship. It encompass helping each other achieve their dreams & aspirations in Life.
25. You called yourself a SLAY QUEEN but You cannot wash your Towel at least once in a week.😎
26. After you slept with your Boyfriend, you tagged him & myself in a post 'Feeling Good'. Na 2 of us kpansh U?
27. My WORST moment would be when she starts milk industryfeeding my baby. I will not be able to SUCK again for like 6 months.
28. If you love/like Plagiarists/plagiarism, use the block/unfriend button. Don't tell me calling Plagiarists out is bad.
29. You don't have a WAEC & You want to RULE over people with over 20,000,000 Ph.Ds.
30. 'It's OVER between us!'; 'You're FIRED!' are 2 brutal lines no one should pray to hear same day.😎
10 BONUS memes 👇
1. Guy: What can I offer you?
Girl: Give me hot okpa & custard.
Owerri Ladies...
2. Somewhere in Abriba/MCC Road, 'Mr. Buyer, Beware of 419! Especially my Second Son, Chukwudi Anyanwu. For the last time, This House Is Not For Sale"
Owerri People are too sardonic.
3. RockView is their most expensive Hotel. Rubbish. Owerri should be a village. Not a capital of Imo State.
4. Did you know network can frustrate you in Owerri? It should be a village and not a Capital of Imo State.
5. This Mini-Bus that is like Tricycle (Keke) is the Jeep they use for transportation in their Capital (Owerri). What kind of Life is this?
Dis and abuse PortHarcourt again and You will smell your anus.
6. Sound Track of Owerri Ladies 'Chineke, Chimo, Olololo, Obara Jesus' Rubbish Sound Tracks.
7. Go to World Bank Road & see that Owerri should have been better as a village & not as a Capital.
8.  Driving in Owerri could be dangerous as from 6.30pm. They can PICK your DESTINY. Always wind up.
9. Guy: How much for the night?
Girl: Just N250 for my transport. Make sure you have UBE at home for me.
10. I don't have an account number, I just need a saving box. I don't want EF-SINSIN (EFCC) to investigate Me. Says an Owerri Lady.
For the sake of peace and equity, this is the END of the OWERRI dis/abuse. One Love.

It was part of the payback insult to that Dude who insulted PortHarcourt on his wall for 3 good days.

ENJOY your Day.
Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare also known as SIR A-ONE is a full-time blogger & literatus (writer).
I invest in originality & creativity daily!

It might not make sense to you, doesn't mean there is no sense in it. As our faces are different, so our likes and dislikes. Always remember that in this Life, it is a game of different strokes for different folks. Don't kill yourself trying to make sense on social media. No matter the sense in what you do, others will see it as trash. Be yourself and be creative.
The way we eat daily, that's the same way I display my wisdom, stupidity, jokes, memes etc.
I drop MEMES daily without fear or favour from anyone or from any quarter.
Even when your problem is bigger than the land mass of Africa, you will smile as a result of my memes once in a while.
Facebook Profile
Facebook Page

Education / Grace Ojie-Ogwu to deliver DELSU’s 67th inaugural lecture
« on: November 15, 2018, 10:46:39 AM »
Grace Ojie-Ogwu to deliver DELSU’s 67th inaugural lecture

Nigeria’s first female professor of Fine and Applied Arts, Prof. Grace Ngozi Ojie-Ogwu, will on November 15, 2018 deliver the 67th inaugural lecture of the Delta State University, Abraka.

The title of the lecture, which will begin at 11:00 a.m. is, “The Beauty and the Ugliness of Ceramics Production and Utilisation: Nigeria’s Intervention Roles.”
Ojie-Ogwu, a professor of Ceramics and Arts Education, attended the University of Benin, where she obtained a First Class Honours Bachelor of Arts degree and later, a Master of Education.

She obtained two Masters’ degrees and a doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She joined the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of the defunct Bendel State University, Ekpoma and was one of the pioneering staff when the Delta State University took off in 1992.

Grace Ojie-Ogwu, the first female president of the Ceramics Association of Nigeria, had at various times served as the Head of Department of Fine and Applied Arts, before getting elected as the Dean of the Faculty of Arts in 2015.

A member of the university’s Governing Council, she is a widely acclaimed scholar with a global influence. Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victor F. Peretomode will chair the lecture, while a cocktail and reception in honour of the scholar will follow immediately.

Essays / Ekabo celebrates 20th priestly anniversary
« on: November 10, 2018, 08:38:06 AM »
Ekabo celebrates 20th priestly anniversary

St. Patrick's Catholic Church Sapele of the Catholic Diocese of Warri will celebrate the 20th priestly anniversary/birthday of Esaba's first Catholic priest, Very Rev. Fr. Christopher  Vwavware Ekabo on Saturday 24th November, 2018 by 11:00am at the church's auditorium.

In a statement signed by the chairman of the planning committee, Engr. Lawrence Okwulu, the Secretary to the State Government, Delta State, Hon Ovie Agas is expected to chair the anniversary, with the immediate past Deputy Governor of Delta State, Prof Amos Utuama as father of the day while the Okobaro of Ughievwen kingdom, HRM Edirin Egbi will be the Royal father of the day. The special guests of Honour at the event will be the 'road master' Gov Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State, the Speaker Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, Former Governor of Rivers State, Dr. Peter Odili, Chairman Sapele LGC, Hon. Eugene Inoaghen, Delta State PDP Chairman, Barr. Kingsley Esiso, Former Chief of Staff Delta State, Prof GG Darah, the DTHA PDP Candidate Sapele, Hon Felix Anirah, Sir Tom Amioku and Very Rev. Fr. Omorovie Ikeke, PhD as the homilist.

Ordained on the 19th day of September 1998, Very Rev. Fr. Ekabo Christopher JP+ has been one of the most significant figures in the Catholic faith who has impacted positively on humanity within and out side the church. A known developer in the Lord's vineyard, Fr Ekabo has served meritoriously as the parish priest in St Peter's Catholic Church, Aboh, St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Ndoni, St. Paul's Catholic Church, Odion, Holy family's Catholic Church, Edjeba-Warri and St. Joseph's Catholic Church Arhagba-Orogun  where he built multiple Church buildings and mission houses.

Very Rev. Fr. Christopher Ekabo JP+ has also instituted an Assistant scheme for students studying B.A. Linguistics/Urhobo at the Department of Languages and Linguistics, Delta State University, Abraka to encourage the development of the Urhobo language.

Poetry & Spoken Words / Ural by David Chukwu
« on: November 09, 2018, 09:27:00 AM »
Ural by David Chukwu

a place of solemn calmness,
where trees dance in unity,
a place where the skies gather,
and cheer to the glamorous sight of heavens,
a place where heavens envy the earth,
and forever wish to kiss its beauty.

what can I say to cheer your heart?
your soul nourishes the gentility of nature,
and brings to memory how sweet the air is,
for every now and then human beings matter,
yes, the breath of life keeps the earth alive,
ural, you are alive!

your name sweets like the strawberry,
freshly harvested from the most beautiful farm,
you have given us peace of mind,
you have given us nights to sleep,
well, yes, you continue to give us sunrise,
for this we will live in you.

may your dream become reality,
may your grip never wax so cold,
bless every soul that longs for you,
care for every mind that cares for you,
cherish every heart that wishes to be yours,
for your name is ural.

chelyabinsk is yours,
it is the flesh of your body,
here are the people of chelyabinsk oblast,
may you enrich them with pure things,
and bring their heart desires to fulfillment,
provide for them eternal blessings,
which will never fade,
your name is ural and you are forever in our hearts!

David Chukwu is an award-winning Nigerian international author, poet, proofreader, researcher, and editor. He has been featured across several national and international platforms including Blueprint Newspapers, Times of Swaziland Newspaper, Episteme Journal, Russia24, Tuck Magazine, Widest Forum, and many others. His first book, African Dark Light, was first published in the United States of America in 2016. David is bilingual, he speaks two languages fluently and is currently studying Russian language at Chelyabinsk State University, Russia. David believes so much in destiny, he writes everything epic and this has gained him popularity across Africa, Europe, and America.

Education / Profs Aghalino, Edema Visit Prof Yomere
« on: November 06, 2018, 11:24:12 AM »
Profs Aghalino, Edema Visit Prof Yomere

By Ajiri-Oghene J. Oreh

THE urgent need to improve on the infrastructural facilities on ground and creating an enabling environment for teaching, learning and research to thrive at the College of Education, Warri, COEWA, so that it fits into the concept of College of Education and properly positioned in meeting the challenges of a knowledge-driven Delta State, the Chairman, Governing Council of the institution, Professor Samuel Ovuete Aghalino is out seeking for the supports and assistances of stakeholders. And on Thursday, 1st of November, 2018, Professor Aghalino accompanied by the College's Provost, Professor (Mrs) Mary Olire Edema, visited an Itsekiri chieftain, Professor Gabriel Oritsemolebi Yomere a Member of the Governing Council of Delta State University, Abraka, at his Warri residence.

Professor Aghalino in his brief speech appreciated the many major roles played by Professor Yomere in the College. The Governing Council Chairman intimated him with the modest achievements of the College  in the last two years, and seized the opportunity to enumerate some of the urgent needs of the College, and appealed for more support from the respected Management Consultant, and other Itsekiri stakeholders. Among the needs listed by Professor Aghalino included provision of lecture theatres, halls of residence in the College, science and laboratory equipment.

Responding, Professor Yomere, a former Chairman of the Governing Council of Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, expressed delight over the visit, which he described as timely, and lauded the efforts of the Governing Council and Management of the College of Education, describing their efforts as patriotic.

Furthermore, Professor Gabriel Yomere, also a former Chairman of the Governing Council of Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro assured the Council Chairman and Provost of continued peace from the Itsekiri people, and his support towards the growth and development of the College.

Aghalino: Reinventing COEWA In Meeting The Challenges Of Knowledge-Driven Delta State

By Ajiri-Oghene J. Oreh

TRUE, the positions of chairmen and members of Governing Councils of higher institutions of learning, Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education are enviable. But then, the responsibilities which include formulation and implementation of policies and statutes, finance, properties are enormous and daunting. Governing Councils play intermediary roles between higher institutions and governments. In Nigeria, it is more daunting with wide range of issues and crises which include examination malpractices, admission, dwindling funds, conflicts, dearth of facilities, among others that are plaguing our nation's tertiary institutions. However, well addressed, successes would be recorded.

Professor Samuel Ovuete Aghalino a seasoned humanities scholar from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, when appointed and sworn in December 2015 as Chairman of the Governing Council of College of Education, Warri, COEWA, never underestimated the enormity of the onerous responsibilities that awaited him. He saw the abysmal situations he met upon resumption of office as surmountable. Quiet early, he put on his thinking cap and mapped out strategies for mitigating and addressing them.

The visionary Professor Aghalino has a grand vision to make College of Education, Warri, the Pride of Nigerian College of Education system. And since the inauguration of the present Governing Council that has Professor Aghalino as Chairman and, Ogbueshi Adizue Eluaka, Mrs. Pally Eghove, and Mrs. Gbubemi Ikomi as Members, in December 2015, and the 2016 appointment of Professor (Mrs) Mary Olire Edema as Provost by the incumbent Governor, Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, the school, through policies and programmes and reforms been implemented and carried out  currently, prudent management and utilisation of funds, monitoring of projects, reaching out to public and private institutions, is now better positioned in achieving its mission of training students in their chosen careers as vocational teachers and for self reliance.

Almost three years, there have been remarkable achievements recorded. Among which are relative peace and tranquility, security, the restoration of due process and transparency, full accreditation of academic programmes, affiliation of degree programmes with Delta State University, Abraka, and University of Benin, consolidations of existing infrastructures, harmonious relationship with staff's and students' unions, capacity building, welfare of staff and students, partnership with corporate institutions, and renewed interests from interventionist agencies like the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, DESOPADEC who recently led by its Managing Director, Olorogun Williams Makinde paid a courtesy visit to the institution which afforded him opportunity of inspecting projects of the commission. And, the Governing Council has done remarkably well in the achievement of the State Government's smart agenda of human capital development programme within the citadel of higher learning as leading light.

More significantly, College of Education, Warri in the last two years and half has been experiencing frenzied intellectual activities. The most recent is the school's first inaugural lecture on 14th of August, 2018. The insightful lecture, "Molue Culture and Social Studies, was brilliantly delivered by the College's Deputy Provost, Dr. (Mrs.) Philippa Isioma Oganwu. The significances of the inaugural lecture, the first in Nigeria's College of Education system, are epic; in that the inaugural lecture marked  a serious critical watershed for the College of Education, Warri, as an emergent citadel of painstaking research, teaching, creativity, innovations, and genuine service to humanity

In all, College of Education, Warri under the watch of Professor Samuel Aghalino as Chairman of its Governing Council is been reinvented in meeting the challenges of a knowledge-driven Delta State. And special thanks must be given to the Visitor of the school and Executive Governor of Delta State, Senator Okowa, whose undying love for education, deep commitment and unstinted support to the school have helped in engendering an irreversible path of growth and advancement for COEWA.

*Oreh, writes from Warri, Delta State.

Comedy/Funny Post/Joke / Education is almost useless in Nigeria
« on: November 04, 2018, 12:23:40 PM »
Of what value is Education in Nigeria, when One Senator can afford to be paying 25 Professors on monthly basis?

News / Only FOOLS celebrate WAEC certificate(s) - SIR A-ONE
« on: November 03, 2018, 07:46:17 AM »
Only FOOLS celebrate WAEC certificate(s)! - SIR A-ONE

WAEC: ornamental object of no great value.
Ordinary WAEC Certificate! Who is that FOOL jubilating online because of WAEC, when there are millions in Nigeria with 1st degrees, Masters & Ph.Ds?
A useless Paper that took almost 3 years for the silly West African Examinations Council to produce just an attestation?
We play too much in this Country and we celebrate mediocrities to the very bones and marrows.
Why should I celebrate a person of second-rate ability?
Talk nonsense here and You will see the other side of Me with no atom of respect.

If I respond to someone who wants to make me look like a fool on Social Media, and you tell me 'I'm disappointed in You' I will just flush you down the drain.

They will not react on the post. They will steal it & paste it on their walls. Mumu wisdom.

Fictions / Murder is the Case 1-5 by SIR A-ONE
« on: October 25, 2018, 04:44:41 PM »
Murder is the Case 1-5 by SIR A-ONE

Murder is the Case 1
You have been caressing her for over 5 minutes. She gave the signal for you to insert. You did insert your SOFT ROD into her. She moaned & groaned. Both of you were enjoying the erotic show until her heart stopped breathing. You quickly removed your soft rod.
Before the Court, Murder is the Case 1.

Murder is the Case 2
After 8 months of eating your money as online friend, she came around. Deep within, you said 'I must fuck all the money comot from her'. With her consent, you introduced your pole into her. She loved it, as she squeezed you under the atmosphere of *epitism. 2nd round,  both of you crawled into the bathroom and decided to play the game very well in the shower. She missed her step. Her head found its way to those shining wall tiles. Blood gushed out, and before you could say Jack; she passed on.
Before the Court, Murder is the Case 2.

Murder is the Case 3
Things should be done as at when due.
You both have been having fun for like 5 months now on Facebook. Both of you decided to set eyes on each other. Kilimanjaro at Agip junction in PortHarcourt was the spot. After so much time together, you wanted to cross the road with her so that she could board a Bus to Owerri where she came from, since you don't have a car of your own. A drunk Murano driver crushed your Bestie as you were trying to dodge. Now her death smashed you all over.
The hungry Nigeria Police Force have confiscated your phone to screen grab all your chat.  The audio of your conversation with her have been confirmed by GLO network provider.
Deep within, you're like 'I no kill anybody. Na that yeye driver kill her'
Before the Court, Murder or Manslaughter is the Case 3.

Murder is the Case 4
You have been warned about Doggy style online and offline, but you bluntly refused with the line 'I'm a man on a mission, but I hate the missionary style'. Someone's daughter cried her eyes out that she hate the doggy... She even emphasized that doggy styles should be left for dogs. You threatened to leave her, if she will not embark on the doggy mission with you. Out of frustration, she gave you the apple to eat from the back as you wanted it. Immediately after the doggy adventure, you realised she is now very stiff. Rigor mortis has set in this fast.
Before the Court, Murder is the case 4.

Murder is the Case 5
Leave tramadol alone, you said no. You said you and tramadol is better together like Herdsmen and slitting of throats with no remorse.
Whenever she is on the road, her backside is like an Urhobo starch not well prepared before the presence of an *Oghwevwri soup. This bubbles behind her back is a turn on for you anytime, any day, anywhere.
Stocking your John Thomas into her from the back was all you ever wanted in the journey of life. She came as planned. Unfortunately, she refused to give you from the back. And the thoughts of the mature movie (18+) you downloaded will not just leave you like the ghost of General Sani Abacha on the Lady that plucked his life before his time.
Out of anger, you gave her a dirty slap like the City of Aba. She came on board with her epilepsy. You felt it was just a mere seizure, and poured her water. She departed this world before you knew what the entire drama was all about.
Before the Court, Murder is the case 5.
Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare also known as SIR A-ONE is a full-time & literatus.

Politics / A quick reminder of some of the achievements of PDP from 1999
« on: October 25, 2018, 12:08:10 AM »
A quick reminder of some of the achievements of PDP from 1999 to 2015:
1. N18k Minimum wage
2. EFCC.
3. ICPC.
6. Card Reader.
7. TSA.
8. New National ID Card.
9. New Drivers Licence.
10. BVN.
11. New pension scheme
12. Abuja to Kaduna Rail.
13. Abuja Light Rail.
14. GSM
15. PTDF
16. 14 New Federal Universities.
17. Akpabio Stadium, Uyo.
18. KASU & a host of other states universities.
19. Alot of private universities were granted licence.
20. Debt settlement and cancellation.
21. Fastest growing economy in Africa.
22. Third fastest growing economy in the world.
23. Exchange rate: N160/$1.
24. Fuel: N87.
25. General low prices of commodities compared to now.
26. New Kaduna Central Market
First Nigerian Drone Launched
27. First Nigerian Satellite launched
28. NDA moved to its permanent site after about 25yrs attempts.
29. NDA admitted its first female combatant cadets.
30. AFIT, NN school of Armaments Tech, Nigerian Police Academy were established.
31. Nigerian Legislative Institute was established.
32. Relative peace.
33. Freedom of speech and communication,
34. Naval Base, Lokoja
35. International Market, Lokoja
36. 80% of the Airports in the country etc.
Please Atiku, come and continue from where PDP stopped.

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