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SYNW Commiserates With Fagunwa Family Over Death Of Beloved Mother

The Society of Young Nigerian Writers has registered their condolence to the prestigious family of the Late foremost Yoruba Novelist and pioneer author - Daniel Olorunfemi Fagunwa, popularly known as D. O. Fagunwa, over the death of their beloved wife and mother - Late Chief Elizabeth Adebanke Fagunwa.

In a statement signed by the National President of the forum, Mr. Wole Adedoyin, the SYNW joins voice with writers all over the world to mourn the demise of the late literary promoter who throughout her life was committed to sustaining and promoting the footprints and the leviathan legacies left by her late husband in the literary field of life.

He described the late Mrs. Fagunwa as a virtuous woman who played great roles in advancing, peaking and championing the cause of literary activities across the country, especially through the Fagunwa Foundation which is founded to promote the literary works of the late legend.

On his own part, the National Secretary of SYNW, Izunna Okafor described the demise as a great loss to the literary community. He said although Late Mrs. Fagunwa died at 85, having lived a purposeful life, the literary community would always miss her presence.

In a bid to mourn and honour the great woman, Izunna further stated that the National body of the SYNW has resolved that this year's edition of the Fagunwa Day will no longer hold, as it has been postponed to next year, following the news of the demise.

Fagunwa Day is an initiative of the Society of Young Nigerian Writers, and has been running since the year 2011.

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News / Re: February, 2018 Updates
« on: February 15, 2018, 08:06:50 PM »
’41’ shot dead in Zamfara | TheCable

News / Re: February 2018 updates
« on: February 13, 2018, 04:03:43 PM »
Chief Francis Arhiyor felicitates with HRM Dr. Emmanuel Sideso Abe1 Ovie of Uvwie kingdom on his 10th coronation anniversary

Chief Francis Arhiyor felicitates with HRM Dr. Emmanuel Sideso Abe1 Ovie of Uvwie kingdom on his 10th coronation anniversary

News / Re: February 2018 updates
« on: February 13, 2018, 04:02:47 PM »

News / NAPTIP Seals Baby Factory In Abuja
« on: February 11, 2018, 01:34:02 PM »
The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) said it had sealed an illegal maternity and baby factory in Nyanya, Abuja.
This is contained in a statement signed by the NAPTIP spokesman, Mr Josiah Emerole, and made available to newsmen in Abuja on Sunday.
Emerole said that the acclaimed Chief Medical Director of the baby factory was arrested few weeks back by NAPTIP for allegedly swindling several women who were in dare need of babies.
He said that the sealing of the illegal medical outfit, Akuchi Herbal Concept, located on Old road, around Pure Water area, New Nyanyan, Abuja, was part of the ongoing investigation into the case.
According to him, the case had already generated public concern among Nigerians especially relations of the victims.
Newsmen recall that the operatives of NAPTIP last week arrested a 38-year-old herbalist, (names withheld) for allegedly deceiving women into thinking they are pregnant and thereafter giving other people’s babies to them having collected lots of money.
The suspect, who is from Enugu State is the owner of Akuchi Herbal Concept, located at New Nyanya, Abuja, was arrested after weeks of diligent surveillance by combined team of Officers of the agency and those of the Department of State Services.
The spokesman said that the latest operation was coordinated by the Director, Investigation and Monitoring Department, Mr Greg Esele on the directive of the Director – General, Ms Julie Okah- Donli.
He said the agency recovered local herbs used by the suspect to stimulate ovulation for women, some soaked black-coloured leaves and concoction, among others.
Emerole explained that contrary to the suspect’s claim as displayed on the signpost, the Clinic was virtually empty thereby raising question on how the women were able to believe his claims.
The spokesman quoted the director general of NAPTIP as saying, investigation was ongoing to determine the level of crime allegedly committed by the suspect.
“Investigation is ongoing to clearly establish level of the unwholesome activities of the suspect and we are not leaving any stone unturned in getting to the roots of the crime.
“This is also in line with our determination to ensure that Nigerians are not exploited in any way, ” she said.

Music / Urhobo musicians and their communities of origin
« on: February 10, 2018, 11:08:46 PM »
Chief Ogute Otan (Orhuwhorun)
Gometi Oyibo (Orhuwhorun)
Ogbiniki (Enerhen)
Sir Juju Debala (Alaska)
Odjabo Okonko (Aladja)
Chief Omokomoko Osokpa (Orogun)
Oliver Gbagi (Eyara)
Benson Amojuku
Sally Young (Abraka)
Goslow (Abraka)
Complain Ufuophu (Owahwa)
Lady Rose Okirighwo (Owhrode)
Badia Okokon (Orhuwhorun)
Taxi (Orhuwhorun)
Nigeria (Egini)
Okworo (Ujevwu)
Sir Peter (Egini)
Egweyanudje (Orhoakpor)
Johnson Adjan (Ughelli)
Chief Okpan Arhibo (Agbarho)
Toma Eleh (Okwagbe)
Olorume Toroh (Egini)
SAN Friday Olomu (Emadadja)
Egbeku Kenairu (Ujevwu)
Tekpe (Ujevwu)
Agboro (Ophorigbala)
Lucky Okwe (Oghara)
Kikoro Mukoro (Otutuama)
Udu Nowenoni (Esaba)
Adama (Orhuwhorun)
Jatito (Otokutu)

News / Re: February 2018 updates
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:32:17 AM »

News / Re: Why US Is Allergic To Peace Between The Koreans – Owei Lakemfa
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:11:17 AM »
Given the fact that the US and North Korea have been on the war path for over seven decades, I had often wondered about the cyclic ritual of American citizens travelling supposedly on their free will to North Korea, getting arrested and convicted with America reacting angrily, declaring the convicts innocent and then getting them freed. That was until 2009/2010 when I met an American in Western Sahara who talked about his plans to visit North Korea. I wanted to understand his psychic; why would he travel to a country he might be jailed? He said it was a religious obligation to go and evangelise in an Evil Empire, set the captives free and proclaim freedom from communism. So to him and his ilk, it is a religious and ideological obligation which they need to fulfill.
This may explain why Americans enter that country legally or illegally, and violate the laws; primarily because they are religious fanatics, ideological extremists, agent provocateurs or spies. For example, Otto Warmbier was supposed to be going to Hong Kong for a Study Abroad Programme. When he got to China, he decided to go to North Korea where CCTV footage at 1.57am showed him in a restricted ‘Staff Only’ part of the hotel attempting to steal a large government message to North Koreans. He was later to say he wanted to take it to the Methodist Church he attends in US as evidence of the system in North Korea. An American Coroner Report showed no evidence that Warmbier was subjected to torture.
There was the case of 85-year-old Merrill Newman, a veteran of the 1950-53 Korean War who was arrested in October 2013 accused of contacting former combatants in North Korea for an hostile act. Following a bargain with the US, he was released after 42 days. Back in America, he confessed to the crime. Kim Dong Chul was arrested in 2015 for alleged espionage but claimed he was only engaged in underground evangelism. Kenneth Bae arrested in December 2012 for spying, claimed that the plan of Operation Jericho he was caught with was for evangelism and not military purposes. He got 15 years but like all other American convicts, was released within two years.
There was the drama that was the case of Matthew Todd Miller who on entering North Korea on a tourist visa, tore the visa and claimed he was seeking political asylum. There is another incredible story. Two American journalists; Euna Lee and Laura Ling entered North Korea illegally in March 2009 claiming they strayed in while filming refugees. They got nine years but were released to former President Bill Clinton as a goodwill gesture when he visited the country.
In my analysis, America does not want the Koreas to reunite because amongst other reasons, it sees the South as its territory which must remain under its control; it must dictate any peace process; it is still in the Cold War mode; must continue to sell its arms to South Korea and wants to retain that country as a military satellite in the Korean Peninsula.
Source: Vanguard

News / Re: Why US Is Allergic To Peace Between The Koreans – Owei Lakemfa
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:10:22 AM »
Twenty-three North Korean athletes will also participate, additionally, 230 cheerleaders will travel South accompanied by an orchestra. The opening ceremony is expected to blend aspects of Korean history and culture.
Youthful President Kim Jong Un had indicated in his New Year Message that North Korea, for whom unification with the South is like a religious injunction, wants not just dialogue, but a quick resolution of issues. His position strengthens the hands of South Korean President Moon Jae-In, the child of North Korean refugees and an open advocate of reunification. Moon who had been victimised in the past for advocating the peaceful reunification of the Koreas, insists on dialogue despite the opposition of the United States which has for over seven decades, painted North Korea as the Devil’s Empire that must be destroyed, if need be, with nuclear weapons.
President Moon is himself over the moon, he enthusiastically told the Press that North Korea’s participation would be: “a great opportunity to send a message of reconciliation and peace to the world.”  His government has already requested   that the US-South Korea Joint Military exercises code-named Key Resolve and Foal Eagle involving 300,000 troops which fall within the Games period, should be postponed.
One country for whom the chiming peace bells in the Korea is not pleasing to the ears, is the US which continues to beat noisy war drums trying to portray Kim Jong Un as a lunatic and North Koreans as a bellicose race of war mongers. It continues to warn South Koreans against peace with their brothers in the North urging them rather to purchase more American weapons.
The composition of the American Delegation to the Games is its way of saying that it sees them, not as sports that can unify peoples and countries, but as a continuation of the politics of war. It is led by Vice- President Mike Pence who is accompanied by General Vincent Brooks, the Commander of US Forces in the Korea and head of the United Nations Command. Another prominent member of the Delegation is Brooks’ predecessor, General James Thurman. Although it is a sports arena where healthy competition is ordinarily expected, Vice-President Pence’s guest accompanying him to the Games, is Mr. Fred Warmbier, father of Otto Warmbier, an American imprisoned in North Korea, who went into a coma, never regained consciousness before dying on June 19, 2017 on American shore.
The Warmbiers were guests of President Donald Trump at his 2018 State of the Union Address during which he pointed at them as “powerful witnesses to a menace that threatens our world.” The Warmbier’s presence at the stands of the Games maybe a way of America reminding the world that it is at war with North Korea and that technically, the war between the two Koreas is not over. It may also be a way of trying to provoke North Korea, and elicit empathy from the South Korean public. It could also be a way the Americans hope to wreck the United Nations General Assembly’s call for an “Olympic Truce.”

News / Why US Is Allergic To Peace Between The Koreans – Owei Lakemfa
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:08:39 AM »
THE 2018 Winter Olympic Games kicked off today, February 9 in Pyeongchang, South Korea. With an estimated four billion viewers across the globe, it carries the significance of North and South Korea uniting and marching under a common flag, and having a unified Women Ice Hockey team. The specially chosen theme of the Games is Peace, and it emphasises the  clear possibilities of peace and unification of a homogeneous people split now for 73 years, not because they wanted it, but because the super powers simply decided to use them to play Ping-Pong.

He has been released.

See his recent post on Facebook below:
Osula Daniel Enahoro >>>
I just got out of cell after five days with no food and just three sachet of water. No thorough bath, or brushing my teeth. A kitchen sized room with 30 inmates who gang beat me up; torture if I would call it so. I was denied access to my phone. I wasn't convicted. Just a suspect. The allegation against me was a threat to life, and the ONLY evidence they had of that was my Facebook posts. No calls, no private messages, just my post. I thoroughly explained the context of the words I used in those posts, but it had been deliberately misinterpreted. Still, there was no warrant to arrest me.
In total summary, it was a horrible experience, but I have just signed an undertaking not to entirely recount my ordeal. I will speak to my lawyer first and follow legal advise and procedure.
I'm out of the dungeon.
This post is to calm nerves down. I've seen all seen tags and mentions. I appreciate everyone of you.

Source: Vanguard

Condemning recent spate of killings in Benue, Adamawa, Taraba, and Zamfara states, the President said security operatives would ensure prosecution of perpetrators and all those found with illegal arms in the affected areas.
The President told the Catholic Bishops that he would not be tired of recounting remarkable progress recorded in the areas of security, economy and the fight against corruption.
‘‘We have done very well on security in the North East, when you compare what the condition was before we came in and what it is now.
‘‘On the economy, particularly agriculture, I am very pleased that God answered the prayers of Nigerians who prayed for bountiful harvest.
‘‘People have taken advantage of Federal Government policies and programmes to return to the farm and they have not regretted,’’ he said.
On the fight against corruption, the President reiterated that government would be guided by the law in the investigation and prosecution of all graft-related cases.
‘‘People are being prosecuted systematically with evidence.
‘‘If a permanent secretary has five houses in Abuja, two in Kaduna and one in Borno and Sokoto and he can’t account for the properties and there are bank transactions linking him to the properties, the prosecuting agencies will not have difficulties to make progress on the case.”
The Catholic bishops were led by Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama.
Kaigama pledged that the Catholic Church in Nigeria would continue to support the Buhari administration and make its contribution to nation-building through prayers, admonitions and assistance to needy Nigerians.
‘‘As the voice of the people, we shall continue to highlight the plight of our people and play our prophetic role of sensitising the government, thus promoting good governance, national unity and cohesion,’’ Kaigama said.

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