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Love/Romance / Most Erotic Poem on Facebook
« on: February 17, 2018, 09:18:18 AM »
Nwandugo Osinachi
lick the waters in my vagina
and satisfy my queer orgasm
now my body is a tempo, dousing in reverberation
your tongue, may it be an ice falling rhythmically like Soweto drums; matching elegantly on curious ears
may it be an ice cooling my embers
caress it thorough, my pudenda,
with your fingers heavy like a burden
of which my milk industrys are walked upon, and my n*pples pinched
your grease melting me like a wax
may these fingers never cease running swift; chastening and purifying me
this hot water tasted on a soar wound
a gospel resting recklessly on lover's arms
as your plume fans life into mine
dip your fingers in my orifice,
and nip the bud of my virginity
so blood gush in abundance
so pain whisper to the ears of darkness
harder, as I lie harmless on my back
the language of lust, clothing my nudity
swift, vast.
may my clitoris never be hidden
strike it , with your soft rod
like words hitting words
like tide meeting the current of a sea
strike, punch, locomote.
paint the lips of my vagina with your sperm
let nothing ever be hidden from me
for I want to taste within and beyond
life, dead, life again, dead in your laps.
let nothing ever be hidden.
tender, soft.
water me, for I am a nursery
on the lip of a shallow dry pool
let me feel wet with your songs; the rhythms of your lips pressing hard on mine
your hands clingy on my milk industrys
your thighs embracing mine, like a jazz
water me
yells, moans.
I want to feel your shadows thrust to mine
so I moan relentlessly
I am yours, priceless as a gift
a clay in your hands, mould me to any shape of your wish
let you satisfy my orgasm
now my body is a tempo, dousing in reverberation
© Nwandugo Osinachi

News / Arhiyor Emerges Deputy DG, Delta Community Youths
« on: February 17, 2018, 08:58:07 AM »
Arhiyor Emerges Deputy DG, Delta Community Youths

A foremost aspirant for the Delta State House of Assembly, Uvwie constituency under the Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP), Double Chief Francis Omochovwen Arhiyor has emerged the Deputy Director General of the Delta Community Youths.

The inauguration ceremony held in Asaba yesterday was attended by the Deputy Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Hon Friday Ossai Osanebi, the Honourable Commissioner for Special Duties, Hon Henry Afuevure Sakpra, Hon Fukekeme Solomon, Hon (Evang) Michael Diden Ejele and Hon John Oguma, the Udu of Olomu kingdom.

The Executive Committee of Delta State Community Youths are Hon. Ifeanyi Oboiyigbe (President), Hon. Innocent Esivwezie (Director General), Hon. Chief Francis Arhiyor (Deputy Director General), Comr. Kpuduku Zuokumor (Secretary), Olorogun (Amb.) Godwin Okpoizoko (Director General Security), Olorogun (Amb.) Samuel Oghotomo (Public Secretary) and Olorogun Vincent Oyibode (Auditor). Others are Chief Bataren Uteme (Financial Secretary), Barr. Funebi Edonyabor (Legal Adviser), Comr. Johnny Gideon (Assistant Secretary), Hon. Adish Ozegbe (Welfare Secretary), Hon. (Chief) Victor Egbo (Delta South Co-ordinator), Hon. Isaac Omomedia (Delta Central Co-ordinator), Hon. Friday Okoh (Delta North Co-ordinator), Comr. Okorie Kenneth (Internal/External Liaison) and Hon. Onioal Festus (Ex.Official).

Favour Godwin Omani becomes Face of Pengician & Widestforum [February, 2018]

Creating a BRAND! Face of  Pengician & Widestforum

In life creating a brand is not an easy task. It takes more than investing time, energy, money and many other things.
No one can create any brand anywhere without others. One man cannot build a brand singlehandedly. Others have to come in.

The Face of Pengician and Widestforum sprung up from
Pengician & Widestforum Page Spotlight. Which was actually meant to recognized and financially appreciate very active Facebook users.

The maiden edition kicked off in the month of February, 2018.
It officially started on Monday, 12th February, 2018 through Friday, 16th February, 2018.

The Pengician & Widestforum Page Spotlight beamed its spotlight on two Facebook users.
Favour Godwin Omani and Attamah C. Amarachi. The former, a graduate of Delta State University, Abraka. A Make-Up Artist. And the latter is a Writer and Spoken Word Artiste.

The contest is based on most comments able to be pulled by each contestant's poster/photo on the Facebook Page: PENGICIAN & WIDESTFORUM

Maiden editions of every thing usually give a blurred picture to many person. People really want to see evidence and testimonies before they take you serious.
So, the Face of Pengician & Widestforum was not far from it.

It has come and gone. And after the five (5) days of voting,
Favour Godwin Ishioma Omani
came out as the winner!

Do you think you have what it takes on Facebook to be a contestant for Face of PENGICIAN & WIDESTFORUM [March, 2018] or subsequent ones? Just
👉Face of Pengician & Widestforum
Pengician & Widestforum Page Spotlight.
And you will get all the details.

Good luck!


FAVOUR's poster/photo reached 3,099 People, with
74 Likes and 68 Comments.


AMARACHI's poster/photo reached
3,920 People, with
55 Likes and 29 Comments.

Since our interest is on COMMENTS in the contest, FAVOUR GODWIN ISHIOMA OMANI is declared the WINNER of the

Brief Biography of Favour Godwin Ishioma Omani

Favour Godwin Ishioma Omani was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Godwin Omani in  Kwale and Obiaruku  of Ndokwa West local government area of Delta State and she has spend most of her life in Sapele, Delta State.
She attended Ayomanor Primary School and later went to Chude Girls Model Secondary School where she concluded her middle school education.
Then advanced to Delta State University, Abraka where she bagged a degree in Linguistics in 2015.
She did her one year mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at Lokoja, Kogi State in 2017.
Favour went further during her University and service days to attain a skill in make-up.
She is now a full-time Make-Up Artist who has tour nooks and crannies of Nigeria.
She plans to expand her business someday and open a makeup school where others will be privileged to learn the skill.

She will now be made the official FACE of
1. Pengician & Widestforum
While number 1 is the Face of the official Facebook Page, number 2 is Africa's largest online portal and Number 3 is World's largest Forum with over 103 sections/categories.
Where you can make all your posts and uploads for free by yourself.

We sincerely salute each and everyone who liked, shared and dropped comment(s) for the purpose of this contest.

"Wife material will move earth by doing every odd job around to put food on her table and pay bills unlike other materials who are still rolling on a blessers bed after taking Pregnancy prevention pills."
Jacob Zuma

"Until you go to some places in Africa where your phone will keep 'searching' for network for days, you will never appreciate the crippled 3G you're using."
#SAQ #Widestforum #Pengician
>>>SIR A-ONE Quotes

Quotes / Re: SIR A-ONE weaving of words (Volume 11)
« on: February 11, 2018, 01:02:05 AM »
"Until you go to some places in Africa where your phone will keep 'searching' for network for days, you will never appreciate the crippled 3G you're using."
#SAQ #Widestforum #Pengician
>>>SIR A-ONE Quotes

BEING A NETIZEN: THE CHALLENGES AND THE GAINS (A special interview with Mr Godwin Inyang, the man with the longest poem in Africa)

He sacrificed his one year house rent to launch his first website into the orbit many years ago.

When the passion is there, the money will come: A glimpse on a successful blogger

There are those who went into blogging with the passion in it and have amassed a lot of followers in their groups, pages etc.
One of such is
born as Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare. A blogger par excellence. A graduate of Languages and Linguistics from Delta State University, Abraka. The Nigerian writer and blogger is popularly known as 'Pengician'. He coined the word 'PENGICIAN' into the blogosphere.

He is a quite fellow who don't make a lot of noise like his colleagues.

He is the CEO of

He has a lot of Facebook groups and pages.
Some of them are:


with over one hundred and eleven thousand, six hundred and sixty two (111,662) members.


With over four thousand, two (4,002) members


With over fifteen thousand, three hundred and eighty one (15,381) members.


Pengician & WidestForum
Over two thousand, fifty (2,050) Likes.


We Love Pengician & Widestforum
Over four thousand, two hundred and sixty six (4,266) Likes.
And many others time will not permit us.

His forum
has over eight million, eight hundred and nineteen thousand, three hundred and five
(8,819,305) views.
Statistics carried out on 09.02.2018.
You can access site statistics via Google when you search:
anytime, any day.
The above is a forum where you can make and upload anything for free by yourself.
He makes legitimate money as a blogger. He derives joy in reading and surfing the internet.

The netizen has a way of dishing out advice when the need arises on the internet and offline.

The nethead in his own way has humility as his garment.

Many might not know him, but he is definitely not the noisy icon to sing his praises like some ignoramus.

His quotes are free on Facebook with the harshtag #SAQ

He usually ascribe all the glory to his maker.

Poetry & Spoken Words / Power Needs by Uyi Iredia
« on: February 09, 2018, 03:18:13 PM »
### Power Needs

Power needs love to sway it from inhumanity,
Power needs humility, that way it's unassuming,
Power needs democracy otherwise, it's autocracy,
Power needs the law, for whence it gets its structure,
Power needs the media, they tell us its legacy,
Power needs lies when desperately not yet had,
Power needs weapons to help dictatorship,
Power rests in the few who control the many,
Power heeds good advice so it achieves prosperity,
Power needs friends otherwise it's depressing,
Power demands responsibility otherwise it's abused,
Power with religion is a volatile mixture,
too much experience tells us that's a bad future,
Power with madness is a recipe for disaster,
Power needs self-control, otherwise it's untethered,
dancing to and fro, to the whims of selfish men,
Power recognizes God its source, it needs that reminder,
Power needs the truth so it roots out corruption,
Power that is partisan always guarantees friction,
Power tests your mettle, so your spirit needs be settled,
Power needs a man, whose strength beats beneath his milk industrys,
Power needs a woman, their support and their loving
Power needs a soul otherwise it is not yet made whole,
Power for the youth, for they are your tomorrow,
give them power now while you are here to guide them,
Power needs the people, otherwise it is nothing,
Power you can have, but know it's not everything,
For power without wisdom is a song of tragedy.

Uyi Iredia

News / Re: February 2018 updates
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:05:18 AM »
Liberia’s Weah replaces controversial justice minister

US says attacks on Syrian civilians ‘must end now’

Austria to train 1,000 Nigerians irregular migrants before repatriation

FG, states spend $6.4bn on intervention in North-east in two years

Sack police chief Idris now, Reps tell President Buhari

Gambia rejoins Commonwealth under new president

Leicester boss Puel hopes absent Mahrez will ‘get his head right’

How to Add Picasa Albums to Blogspot

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