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The Diary of a caged teenager.
« on: November 07, 2017, 06:31:47 PM »

   Diary of a caged teenager 
       Chapter 1

    The sun was barely up when she woke up the third time that morning. She could not wait to attend her valedictory service as she was madly feeling nervous. Peju was on a mission to conspicuously ‘slay’ with her amazing make over. People would almost not recognise her as shee looked from another wonder planet already due to her make over. Peju’s Brazilian hair was shaped brows her pedicure, manicure, Italian shoes, bag, a gown made by the most sophisticated seamstress in town and finally the facial treatment she gave herself killed it all.
“Oh, God, let the sun rise please!” she said tapping her leg on the bed impatiently. 
She was trying hard to keep herself cooled down for the day to break. It was the same day she was going to get a phone. Peju felt so amazing leaving secondary school and she smiled and said: “screech bip bip bip screech.”
At 6:30am, the Alarm rang. She felt like D-day was finally at hand as she jumped out of the bed, waking everyone up with her shout of “good morning!" and she dashed into the bathroom.
   Peju was the youngest of the Jacobs family. Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs (Bode and Folake Jacobs), Toni, Peju, Bose who lived with them as well as their drivers. Peju was very happy with her family or so she felt. She had a reason to. That is due to her brother, Tolu who was overprotective with her though, they were only able to have little times together. Bose was always there taking the glory of the first daughter. Their parents believed more in financial support than taking into cognizance the emotional support for goodness sake. However, Peju was closer to Dauda (one of the drivers) than any other person. But it did not matter, she was just done with her secondary school education. She was so sure she would get into the university that same year. She would finally leave the house and enjoy lib for real.
   After some hours, Peju was dressed for the ceremony. She looked at the mirror over and over winked at herself attractively. She was satisfied with her look. Expecting the rest of the family to be dressed for the day she went to her mom's room. Mrs. Jacobs was dressed but not for Peju's Valedictory Service. She was dressed for work. Peju looked at her disgusted that her mum had forgotten her great day. 
"Mum, where are you going?" she asked sadly. 
"What do you mean? I am going to work of course" Folake replied adjusting her dress. 
“So you are not coming for my VS right?" said, Peju as she was trying to hide her disappointment. Folake paused 
“Oops! It’s today? Sweetheart, I am so sorry." She turned to face Peju 
"Wow you look amazing" she smiled trying to bribe her off. Peju frowned as she understood.
Folake reached out for her purse, after counting a few notes she gave Peju who accepted it still frowned-up.
"So… who's coming? You’d try and recollect ma that you promised me you would surely come!" Peju, said blubbering.
Folake sighed and said "I am sorry you should have told me earlier. I have a very tight schedule and you know it." 
Peju laughed and said inquisitively "I told you about it the day Principal Stanley picked the date, I reminded you days after that, I told you a month ago, two weeks ago and this week two days ago... So, mum, how early should I have told you about it?"
Folake frowned "Look! I said I am sorry, I can't make it. Don't worry, Bose will go with you"
"No!" Peju snapped "There's no need, in fact, I don't need anyone there. I'd be fine At least Dauda can drive me there right?" Peju finalised walking out. "All the graduating students will be with their parents, but it’s Peju with her Driver!" Peju murmured loud enough for her mother to hear. 
   Outside the house, Dauda was waiting. "Good morning miss, it’s your day, congrats!" Dauda said, offering her a wrapped box. 
Peju returned the smile "Yay! First gift. I thought everyone has forgotten, thanks. What did you get me? A ring? Bracelet?" She asked unwrapping it, and her face fell when she saw the content.
"Seriously Dauda, a book?"
Dauda smiled and said "You see, it’s not just any book, it’s a diary, it’s ladylike they say, to keep diaries"
He pointed out. "Ladylike? How?" Peju hissed." You know its girls that have dark secrets, moreover, when you need to tell a friend something and you are alone, just tell the diary. You should be thanking me" he teased.
"Yeah, I already did. So, if you were my ex and you saw me walking into the ceremony like this, would you regret dumping me?" Peju asked with her hands on her waist. 
"I sure will, but it won't kill him you know. I love the dress, the hair, but em… who fixed your make up?" Dauda asked.
Peju frowned "is it obvious it’s not professional? Oh God is it bad? How bad is it? Should I clean it all now?" she panicked looking at the car mirror.
Dauda laughed. He enjoyed watching her drama.
"Cool it girl, trust me, I can fix it" he bent to whisper. "I know a beauty salon. No mistake is too big for them. I can drive you, except you are in a hurry" he opened the door for her.
"Drive me there immediately!" Peju replied haven entered the back seat of the car. 
"Okay miss" Dauda entered the car and drove off.
  Music was booming from the DJ, as the students and teachers of Dominic High were up and down the hall. Every student was participating in any activity was present. The school hall was decorated in purple and cream, the colour picked by the graduating students. Principal Stanley who always had a fierce look was with his best smile. Today students could do anything without the fear of getting into any trouble, but everyone was busy. Jobless students assisted the decorators, the school band were setting the instruments up, drama group, Mimes, poets and the school choir on their final rehearsal. However, the graduating students were arriving in groups. Some dressed and ready, others had their clothes in bags. Some Girls even brought their personal makeup artists. It was really a big day. 
   At exactly 10.00am, the ceremony kicked start with the proprietor giving the opening prayer, followed by the National anthem led by the school choir. The graduating students, were all present, except Peju. Jasmine Peju's friend was the first to notice. She walked up to the head boy
"Toba, Peju is not around. She has never been late, ever!" Jasmine began to feel uneasy. 
"Jasmine! Calm down. She's coming. Give her fifteen minutes, and if she’s yet to come, let’s try and tell one of our teachers" Toba reacted 
"Only if she had a mobile phone" Jasmine murmured...

   "And now you look perfect!" The cosmetologist exclaimed.
Peju faced Dauda "So?" she raised her right brow for validity from him. "You're going to kill people Peju, even girls will be jealous" Dauda replied. "Yay! So… let's get going". 
After paying, they dashed into the car and soon were on the road again. A very dead quiet road. They had not gone far when a car bumped into them. "Jesus!" Dauda stopped the car, getting out of it, he shouted at the man driving the other car."
What the hell man! What were you looking at?" The man came out too with an apologetic face" I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" Peju who was out of the car too got furious 
"Sorry?! Tell that to your cellmates when you go to jail!" 
"Peju, stay out of this." Dauda countered. 
The man burst into a wicked laughter "You know that's not a way to talk to a stranger, Miss" he said as he pulled out a short gun. “On your arrogant kneels now!". Peju screamed and Dauda raised his hands across his head. "Just tell us what you want, we will pay, please don't shoot." 
He looked at Dauda and shouted "Empty your pockets now" he commanded as two other men who were seated to be called to join him. Peju opened her bag, besides the diary, it was empty. She spent her money on her make up. Dauda on the other hand was penniless. The armed man got furious about that, "So you can drive this big car with your girlfriend and yet no money on you?" He exclaimed hitting Dauda.
"Girlfriend? No o, he is my driver. See just let us go, my dad is rich he will pay any amount "Peju retorted."
“Really?" the armed man reacted smiling. "I smell a plan guys" This time he was talking to his gang. He restored the pistol to his pocket and winked at them and at once they seized Peju, Dauda sprang up. 
"No, no. leave her alone! Please. I won't let you go anywhere with her. Someone help!" He cried running towards them but the street was quiet. In between Dauda's yell for help, the criminals footsteps and Peju's cried, "P-taff…!". It was fast and sudden. Peju's eyes widened as she saw Dauda in pool of blood struggling for breath "P-taff!" The man pulled the trigger again. "No…! Dauda! Let me go!" Peju cried and fought violently. But they overpowered her, pushed her into a car and they sped off.

By Hassan Pelumi 

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