Author Topic: HOW TO REALLY COOK OGHWEVWRI WITH Aunty Anita Okporua Ovieba  (Read 1084 times)

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« on: December 08, 2017, 08:50:38 AM »

 Urhobo waadooo! Iniovo mé ejobi, I greet all of you specially. So few days ago, I came across a young man that taught us his own method of preparing our simple but very technical native soup (oil soup). He really impressed me especially since he is a man. However, I want my Urhobo brothers and sisters to learn my own method which I believe is the real way of preparing our local dish which can be served with starch, garri, yam or unripe plantain. So here, I am going to tell us the ingredients and step by step procedures on how I prepared it.


1. Dried fish (I prefer lady dried fish that has odour or if you have money, you can get otovwe fish)
2 Cow leg or cow tail, dried tiko (no sand oooo) or thick kpomo
3. Native oil (Urhobo oil)
4. Starch (to make the soup thick)
5. Garri (dried and smooth)
6. Periwinkles (optional)
7. Native salt (ughweri), ukanwu, (you can use ishasha), star Maggi seasoning
8. Crayfish (those small ones)
9. Urhobo grounded pepper (no other pepper is allowed).

Step 1:
In a pot, filter the amount of garri you want inside the pot (the garri should be smooth and should not be too much ooo,) add your grounded pepper and your crayfish (I like my crayfish pounded), add your desired quantity of water and put  pot on fire. Use a spatula (that stick you use when making garri) to stir the content continuously for about five minutes then leave to boil.

Step 2: In the boiling content, add your already cooked cow leg or whatever it is that you are using, add your dried fish, add your native oil. Stir together and allow to boil. DO NOT COVER THE POT.

Step 3: In a bowl, dissolve some quantity of starch, add your native salt and ukanwu (same quantity), add little water and stir together. Back to our pot of boiling soup, pour the starch water gradually inside the pot and stir from under. By now your soup should be turning to banana yellow. Our soup is almost ready! Add more starch water if you think the soup is not thick enough. Finally, add your star Maggi cubes (depending on the quantity of your soup). Add a pinch of salt if you feel your   native salt is not enough.

And here you have it my Urhobo brothers and sisters! Please be free to comment, ask questions and make corrections where necessary. Please expect my video very soon and watch out for my melon pepper soup recipe. Much love.

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