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Trends in African Linguistics and Language Development: A Festschrift in          Honour of Prof. Ismail Junaidu

Call for Papers.
You are cordially invited to submit papers in a volume to celebrate an intellectual icon, a nonpareil academic and an exceptional administrator, Professor Ismail Junaidu. You may write on any of the sub-themes or related topics listed below.

Interested persons should send their contributions electronically to The Editors on: Lanproject2018@gmail com. An assessment fee of N3,000 should be paid to the following:
Account Name:   Linguistic Association of Nigeria
Bank Name:      Zenith Bank
Account No:      1015169087

Deadline for submission of paper is May 30, 2018.

The sub-themes of the Festschrift include but not limited to the following:
Language Research, Codification, Standardisation and Documentation
Formal Linguistics and Languages in Africa
Language in Education and Material Development
Language, Communication and (Critical) Discourse Analysis
Language Endangerment and Renewal
Multilingualism and African Languages
African Languages, Literatures and Cultures.
National Language Policies and African Languages.
African Languages and Language Engineering.
Translation, Interpretation and African Languages.
African Language Teaching and Learning.
African Languages and Sustainable Development Goals.

Guidelines for Submission
The article should not be more than 15 pages of one half lines spacing, with 12 point of Times New Roman.
The cover title with the author's name and affiliation should be followed by the title without the name and the rest of the article. The report should be subdivided thus:
(Major heading)
   1.1   (subheading)
   1.2   (subheading)
(Major heading)

TITLE OF PAPER AND HEADINGS/SUB-HEADINGS should be in Title Case (e.g. The Languages of Cross River State: A Geopolitical Profile)
A SINGLE CONSECUTIVE NUMBERING SYSTEM should be used for linguistic examples, rules, figures and tables. Except in the case of very short examples, it is recommended that examples and figures should not break up sentences.
PARAGRAPHS should be in tabs, not line space.
SIZE OF PAPER AND PAGE MARGINS - Papers should be typed in single space on letter paper on 12 point Times New Roman font with the following specifications: Paper size is letter, left and right margins should be 1.25in, while top and bottom margins should be 1.4in.
Complicated TABLES, DIAGRAMS, FIGURES, and MAPS should be presented by the author in neat copy, computer-printed or clearly drawn. Tables, diagrams, figures and maps should be made to fit into the margins recommended above.
NUMBERING should start with 1 for the Introduction, proceed to 2, 3, etc. for main sections, 1.1, 1.2, etc. for sections, and 1.1.1, 1.1.2, etc. for subsections. It is recommended that numbering of subsections should not go beyond three figures.
FOOTNOTES should be numbered consecutively, and they should appear at the foot of the page.
DATA should be numbered neatly, and should be indented with one tab. Linguistic data (phonetic/phonological/orthographic) should be numbered, with the gloss in single quotation marks as shown below:
1.   a)   [tɔ̃́]   ‘ear’            
           [tɔ(]   ‘house’   
2.   a)   /ń kɛ̀ɛ̀/   (   [ŋ́ kɛ̃̀ɛ̃̀]   ‘child’
      b)   /ń kɔ̀ɔ̀/   (   [ŋ kɔ̀ɔ̀]   ‘fowl’
3.   a)   bọk   'cook soup'
         bọọk   'rear or nurture'
REFERENCES should be noted in the text, using the author, date and page system. Multiple authors should be separated with comas, e.g. (Green 1955a:8–9) or (Green 2000, Adeniyi 2015, Okon 2000).
A full list of references used in the text should appear at the end of the article. The list of references should only contain works that are referred to in the body of the text. Please be sure to include and check page references (the editors cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of references). Arrange the entries alphabetically by the authors’ last names. Multiple works by one author should be listed chronologically (with the most recent appearing last).
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Re: Trends in African Linguistics and Language Development: A Festschrift...
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2018, 01:48:00 PM »
Use a suffixed letter a, b, c, etc. to distinguish different items published by the same author in the same year. Each entry should contain the following information: author’s last name, followed by initials; co-authors (if any) last name followed by initials, year of publication title of work, city of publication and the publisher. In the case of journal articles, give the name of the journal, volume number, and page numbers of the article as a whole. In the case of an article in a collection, give the title of the collection, the editor’s name and the page numbers of the article.
Please use the punctuation as in the following examples:

Adéníyì, H. R.; Yusuff, A.; Adesanya, A.; Olomu, O.; Igue, A.; Fadoro, O.;
   Fakeye, F.; & Bada, M. 2011. A Unified Standard Orthography for Yorùbá Language    Clusters: Nigeria, Republic of Benin and Togo. Cape Town. Centre for Advanced    Studies of African Society.

Bloomfield, L. 1933. Language. New York: Holt.
Crozier, D. H. & Blench, R. M. 1992. An Index of Nigerian Languages, Dallas:
      Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc.

Bollinger, D. 1965. The Atomization of Meaning. Language 41:555–73.
Brugmann, K. 1906. Grundriss der vergleichenden Grammatik der
   indogermanischen Sprachen. 2nd ed., vol. 2, part 1. Strassburg: Trubner.

Chafe, W. L. 1965. Review of Grammar Discovery Procedures, by R.E. Longacre. Language
   41: 640–7.

Chomsky, N. 1957. Syntactic Structures. (Janua Linguarum, 4.) The Hague: Mouton.
Hockett, C. F. 1964. The Proto Central Algonguin Kinship System. Explorations. In Cultural
   Anthropology, ed. Goodenough, W. 329-58. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Ross, J. R. 1967. Constraints on Variables in Syntax. Doctoral Dissertation, MIT.

Festschrift in honour of Professor Ismail Junaidu
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