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5 cheaper ways to make your business, program, event, advert etc go viral!

This 21st century is an era of URL and Social Media. Within a blink of an eye your business, program, event,  advertisement etc  can go viral beyond your imagination.

Here are 5 cheaper ways to make your business, program, event, advertisement etc go viral at cheaper rate:

1. Facebook Group PIN Post
•With Facebook PIN post that business, program, event, advertisement etc of yours will go viral beyond your imagination. When it is pinned to an active group it becomes an ANNOUNCEMENT that group members will see first before every other post on the group.
Only a group Administrator or a Moderator can do this. It comes with a token for 1/2/3/4 weeks etc. Contact any group owner or most active administrator to get this done.
Note: The higher the number of members, the higher the amount you will be charged by the group owner or moderator.

2. Facebook Page PIN Post
•This is another feature that can catapult your business to another level. It will make that your event, program, advertisement etc go viral for just a token.
Contact an active page owner to get this done. And smile thereafter.

3. Facebook Ad
•This is enabled via an online payment. Your master card details will be taken by Facebook, and if your card is enabled or not you will receive a message from Facebook. It will thereafter advertise your event, business, program etc to an audience based on the amount you have selected for the duration of the ad.
You can do this alone. Or contact a super blogger to get it done for you, while you do the payment to him. You can thereafter ask for Screenshots to see the progress of your posts.
Note the post reach and not comments and likes. Cos Facebook is very technical.

4. Bulk SMS
•To get this done you will have to contact BULK SMS dealers. They will provide the phone numbers or the total number of persons you want to reach and send the message across.
Note: 160 characters is one page. It has a limited way of getting your message across to the audience, but it is very affordable.
Note: If you're sending to a foreign phone number, the charges will be quite different from local numbers.

5. Websites ad
•This can be enabled when you contact a website owner or Administrator.
Some charge for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc according to your budget.


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