Author Topic: What do you know about Author Kelly JUUZ???  (Read 517 times)

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What do you know about Author Kelly JUUZ???
« on: January 13, 2018, 02:44:20 AM »
What do you know about Author Kelly JUUZ???

In the lands of the Amangwu village in Nkwerre local government area of Imo state in Nigeria, a poet is born, bread and buttered. He’s name is John Kelechi Uzoma better known to us as Kelly Juuz. He use to read a lot of Shakespearean poems when he was a kid and at the age of 19 he began to write his own poems. He started to write poems more frequently, becoming more skilled and more focused on the message he want to portray on his poems and that resulted to people being delighted every time they read one of his poems. He’s a versatile poet meaning he’s able to write different types of poems like a sonnet, a haiku, a free verse and even limerick poems.
Poetry means the world to us all but to him its means something much deeper than that as he says ‘’poetry is my companion where I can express myself deeply and freely’’. What set him apart from other poets is his unique way of writing and the way he portray a message on a poem. You see that through his sensational poems like Reality in disguise , Street hood and Travails of justice . “My muse keeps me writing, I keep writing because I am passing a message to the people and I keep writing because it’s my passion. That’s why I am not only a poet but also an author’’.
His achievements are remarkable, he has won numerous awards including the poetry anthology both national and international so his work is finally paying off for him. When he was asked about what he wants to achieve in poetry in the future, he said ‘’I want to touch people’s lives through poetry, I want my voice to echo all around Africa and out and most importantly I want to get more recognition and credit for my poetry so I can support myself and other upcoming poets, writers and authors’’.

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